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A man should smell like a man, but in a good way. This post springs from my recent experience trying to find a new scent that I felt like associating myself with. When it comes to cologne there are several different philosophies; none of which are inherently right or wrong. Some people like to pick a signature scent and wear it year round. Others like to have a scent for day-time use and a separate scent for night activities. Then there are those who like to rotate scents seasonally. I count myself among the third category (seasonal scents). I like having a warm weather scent (usually something lighter and sweet) and a cold weather scent (something a little richer).

Before picking out a new scent it’s a good idea to do a little homework online. Macy’s has a Fragrance Finder that asks you a series of questions and tries to point you to scents that match what you are looking for. When I used the Fragrance Finder it recommended Nautica Voyage and Azzaro Chrome Sport. So I headed down to the nearest Macy’s to try them out. Unfortunately I found both of them smelled surprisingly similar to laundry detergent (not unpleasant, just not what I was going for). The saving grace was that next to those two fragrances was a bottle of Lacoste Essential. I sprayed some on the tester card and was pretty sure I liked it, so I put a squirt on my wrist and wore it for the rest of the day. By the end of the day I was sold; the scent seemed to get better as time went on (it began with a citrusy note and faded to a sweet tone).

Essential by Lacoste ($69 for 4.2 oz)


Helpful Hints:

– Do a little research on the internet before going into the store.

– Don’t rush your decision on which scent to purchase. The first day I went looking I spent about an hour searching and didn’t find one that I liked, and that’s completely ok.

– Make sure to clear your nose by sniffing the coffee beans (which they will have sitting on the counter). If you don’t do this periodically you wont be able to smell the differences in the scents.

– When you find a scent, or two, that you like try them on your wrists and wear them for the rest of the day. You will find that the scents will change when they come in contact with your skin. Simply spraying the cologne on the tester cards and then making a purchase is not the way to go.


So what’s your take on cologne? Do you like to stick with one, switch for day and night use, or rotate seasonally? What is the scent that you have chosen?


– Chadwick