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When it comes to men’s style, the key lies in toeing the line between looking boring and peacocking. To avoid the unfortunate occurrence of looking like you’re trying too hard, try focusing on the details. It’s not about reinventing the wheel– Rather, it’s about putting a spin on it that’s truly yours. I add personality to my wardrobe with colored laces. After the stock brown laces broke on my Clarks Desert Boots, I hit the internet to look for a replacement pair. I stumbled upon ShoeLaces Express, which boasts an impressive selection of over 2,000 different laces to choose from. Since I was replacing the laces for a 4-eyed boot, I chose the 21 inch round braided laces in burgundy ($4.49 for two pair) . And, because you have to order two pairs at a time, I ordered another pair of the same laces and replaced the laces on my Suede Bucks. Now both pairs look great, and I have a subtle way to distinguish myself.

Fashion Round Dress Shoelaces by ShoeLaces Express ($5.49 for two pair)


Dress Shoelaces by Hook + Albert ($14 for two pair)

– Chadwick