For Him and Her: Proper Leather Care


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As you have noticed, Day and I are big fans of leather goods. Leather looks great, it wears well, and if you take care of it you can own your favorite leather pieces for years to come. When I first bought my desert boots I never even gave a thought to how I should properly care for them. I had never had a pair of rich leather footwear before, and it didn’t strike me that if I wanted them to last, I would need to invest in some leather care products. Here’s the deal, the two major causes of wear on leather are dry and wet climates. Unfortunately everyone lives in one of these two climate conditions. As the leather ages it loses the natural oils that it contains and it starts to crack. This is where a proper oil or leather protector comes in. After doing some research I decided that I would go with Obenauf’s leather oil, because it was highly recommended. I know the website is janky, but I promise you this stuff works like a charm! My advice is to buy some and apply it to your leather goods (boots, belts, etc.) every 3-6 months.

Obenauf’s Leather Oil ($15 for 16oz.)


Heavy Duty Leather Preservative ($13 for 8oz.)


— Chadwick


For Her: Girl Next Door Heels


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They say that the first step on the road to Recovery is to admit you have a problem. If this is true, I am probably 5 miles south at the crossroads of Denial and Justification– Fortunately, there’s a Nordstrom on the Northeast corner, and that’s where I am headed.

‘Lanie’ Pump by Hinge ($65)



Trefoil T-straps by Seychelles ($95)



Pointed Laurel Heels by Miss Albright ($168)



Apostrophe by Seychelles ($66)


Yes, I have a lot of shoes. But is there really such thing as too many?


For Him: Winter Socks


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A friend recently asked me, “Do you have any suggestions for winter socks?” Why yes, yes I do! When winter sets in you should bulk-up your socks just like you would any other piece that you wear. The classic winter sock is known as the “ragg” or “ragg wool” sock.

Camp socks by J. Crew ($16 or 2 pair for $20)


Men’s wool-blend ragg socks by L.L. Bean ($18 for 2 pair)


Ragg socks by Fox River ($29 for 2 pair)


The only problem is that I am frugal and refuse to pay $10+ for a pair of socks that I’m going to wear-out. This has led me to search-out bargains for socks. Here are some tips:
– Buy them on sale. I just bought a pair of light purple socks from J. Crew that were on sale for $4. I know that Nordstrom Rack usually has socks on sale for decent prices too.
– Look for socks in places that you might not think to buy them. The ragg socks that I wear are from a D&B farm supply store. In the winter they sell packs of 6 for $10. I wear them all winter.
– Buy in bulk, they are almost always cheaper that way.
– Don’t pay extra for fancy brand name socks. They’ll probably wear
just like any other socks.


– Chadwick

For Her: Watch This



My Watch Wish List can be summed up in two very important words: Marc Jacobs. With the perfect blend of playful and professional, Marc never lets me down. For those of you modern thinkers dependent on your cell phones to tell time, a word of wisdom: accessories that mix fashion with function are few and far between, so don’t be so quick to snub this opportunity to dress your wrist up.

Logo Embellished Watch ($250)



Patent Strap Oversized Watch ($119)



‘Dexter Amy’ Round Bracelet Watch ($200)



Blade Purple Patent Leather Strap Watch ($175)



For Him & For Her: DODOcase


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As most of you know, personal style is something that goes beyond what you wear. Personal style is how you carry yourself, the stuff you own, etc. The DODOcase is definitely something that will reflect in a favorable way on your personal style. DODOcase is a company based out of San Fransisco that makes products that not only protect your electronics (iPad, iPad2, Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone, etc), but also make them visually appealing. They will your electronic device look like a Moleskine journal or clothbound book than a chunk of metal and plastic.

DODOcase for iPad2 ($59)


DODOcase for Kindle Fire ($44)


My personal favorites are these DODOcases from a collaboration with J. Crew

DODOcase for J. Crew for iPad2 ($79)


Treat yourself to one of these and I guarantee you that people will notice, and be jealous.


– Chadwick

For Him: Peacoat


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The peacoat is something that every guy should own. It was originally designed for members of the Navy. It’s a very hearty and utilitarian piece. Most peacoats are made of wool, have wide lapels, are double breasted, and have vertical hand pockets. It seems like almost every retailer makes a version of the peacoat now-a-days, so you have plenty of options. When considering purchasing a peacoat make sure that it fits well; not too tight on the shoulders, but NOT baggy either. Go ahead and pay a little bit more money for a nice peacoat because, if you take care of it, you will be wearing it for many years to come. Because peacoats are classic pieces, it’s a good idea to buy them on sale toward the end of the season, without having to worry about whether they will be “in style” next winter.

‘Dugan’ Wool Blend Peacoat by Spiewak ($169)

Reaction Peacoat by Kenneth Cole ($69)

Galion by Saint James ($560)

Melton Peacoat by Tommy Hilfiger ($99)

Authentic Bayswater Peacoat by J. Crew ($255)

– Chadwick

For Him: Winter Gloves


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As you can probably tell from my last few posts, it’s starting to get cold here where I live. Fact: I hate being cold, and I especially hate having cold hands. Here are some solutions. Gloves come in all kinds of styles and price rages so I’ve done my best to select an assortment.

Ragg Wool Gloves by L.L. Bean ($29) I just bought myself a pair of these and I love them.


Harris Tweed Inset Gloves by Lands’ End ($49 on sale). The tweed really sets these apart from the pack.


TouchTec Gloves from J. Crew ($79) What makes these gloves worth buying is that the leather has been treated so that you can still operate a touchscreen while wearing them.


Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves by Nordstrom ($69)


Buckskin Chopper Mitts by L.L. Bean ($49)


Convertible Knit Mittens by GAP ($14 on sale) Simple and cheap.

– Chadwick

For Him & For Her: The Hill-Side Scarves


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This post originally began as a post on scarves in general. That was, until I discovered the scarves that The Hill-Side is making. It became impossible for me to select just one of their scarves to appear in my post. What gets me about these scarves is their uniqueness and detail, both in pattern and texture, which is why I have included a close-up of each piece. The colors are also something to behold. At the moment I am trying to justify buying any number of them for myself.

Wool blend blanket lining stripe scarf ($127)



Selvedge chambray scarf in “Turmeric” ($85)



Large roses discharge print scarf ($80)



Wool blend knit jersey slub tweed scarf ($113)



“Cherry blossom” print dobby cloth scarf ($80)



Crosses print dobby cloth scarf ($80)


As this is only a small sampling of The Hill-side’s amazing collection, I encourage you to follow the links and look at all that they have to offer. Do you think you could justify buying one, or four, of these pieces?


– Chadwick

For Him: The Unbelievably Comfortable T-Shirt


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I admit, this post is not flashy or extensive, but it’s about a piece that I truly love.

Just recently I rediscovered my love for this t-shirt. It had been cast aside in favor of polo shirts and button downs, left in some dark corner of my closet. When I put it on, after its long absent spell, it was like an embrace from an old friend. At this point you think that I am just being wildly hyperbolic, but I promise you, it’s THAT good! It’s made by American Apparel and it’s only $22. It can be worn underneath a sweater, button-up shirt, or just on its own (it’s the perfect shirt for a lazy Saturday). Get one and see for yourself!

– Chadwick

For Her: Playful Tights


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So I was sitting in Starbucks the other day (oh how I wish less of my stories started like this), and I noticed a girl walk in wearing the most adorable leopard print tights. Naturally, I gawked for a few minutes, taken aback by her bold pairing with a red winter coat and leopard print scarf. Rather than create awkward conversation about where she purchased these fabulous tights, I did what any modern woman would do– I googled it. Now, while I wouldn’t personally recommend a leopard on leopard look, I can say that I am a huge fan of the playful tight. After some modest research, this is what I found for fun, but wearable, tights.

Splash Metallic Tights $13.00

Nordstrom Leopard Print Spanx $42.00

Similar pair at Forever 21 for $5.80

Argyle Tights $5.80

Bonny Dots Patterned Tights $62.00

Comparable Tights available at Urban Outfitters $9.00

Anthropologie Spotted Diamond Tights $18.00

Giraffe Tights $14.00

I personally favor the giraffe print… What’s your fave?